Fire Whip

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When fighting the fire line with forest fire extinguishing tool, stand on the inside edge of the fire mark with two feet or one foot inside the edge, and the other foot outside the edge. Use the tool to sweep diagonally into the fire mark, and make an Angle of 40-60 degrees.

One hit , meanwhile one mop, do not hit straightly up and down, so as not to expand the flame point splash, and do a light lift, while playing into.When the fire is weak, you can fight it alone.When the fire is strong, the fire fighting team fight a fire point at the same time , with the same rise and fall, Move forward together .after put out the fire.

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Fire Whip,Fire fighting flap,fire fighting tools
•Stainless steel galvanized handle: 1.3m or 1.5m
•Rubber strip: 55cm-60cm (length), 2cm(width),≥3mm(thickness)
•The strips can be 16pcs, 20pcs,30pcs.
•More efficient in denser areas
•Excellent for mop up work following water equipment
•The rubber strip contains reinforced cotton thread,with Two steel hoops for reinforcement. Durable, never fall off

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