Xinjiang Forest Fire Brigade: make full preparations for the rescue of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster

Affected by the cold air, many areas in Xinjiang are experiencing a new round of heavy snowfall, which is extremely prone to snow and ice disasters and seasonal accidents.  Destructive for cold rain and snow freeze disaster accident, the characteristics of the disposal of rescue is difficult, recently, forest fire corps xinjiang is located in the cold region in xinjiang, in the face of snow year after year, the norm of winter snow weather, special training, strengthen the response to low temperature rain and snow freeze disaster relief in scientific deployment, professional training, and pull the drill,  We will strengthen the basic skills of our commanders and soldiers in responding to and rescuing disasters caused by low-temperature rain, snow and ice, and be ready to fight and rescue major disasters at any time to ensure that they can respond quickly and efficiently to tasks.

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According to the forest fire fighting team to deal with the key direction cold rain and snow freeze disaster video dispatch meetings “instruction spirit, xinjiang forest fire corps in detail for the disposal of cold rain and snow freeze disaster rescue plan, on the basis of scientific analysis, accurately grasp the xinjiang region freeze disaster accident risk, winter forest grassland fire situation and epidemic prevention and control and other challenges,  Special training and drills were carried out to respond to disasters caused by low-temperature rain, snow and freezing.  In addition, it communicates with local meteorological, emergency and transportation departments, actively connects plans, establishes information sharing mechanism, and ensures that it can grasp the meteorological development trend and disaster information of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters in the first time.  Combinative oneself is actual, various units at the grass-roots level commanders around influence the characteristic of the rain and snow freeze disaster, disaster, disaster response to the basic ways of disposal operations make up a missed lesson from teams such as the key content, organizing commanders of frostbite nursing knowledge of commonly used frostbite and drug use, effective fill the commanders cold rain and snow freeze disaster rescue knowledge, comprehensively strengthen its theoretical basis.

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All levels of the CORPS adhere to the principle of actual combat and standardization in training, pay attention to the training of refined skills, strong skills and practical effects, and simulate different types of snow and ice disaster sites for on-the-spot rescue drills.  As snow and ice disaster rescue mission point more noodles wide, secret service battalion in drills to simulate the real snow disaster in the complex environment, adopt the method of whole process, all factors, set up a plough type smooth, close to actual combat scientific transverse downhill slide, falling leaf type, small rotary skiing disciplines, such as main marshalling to rescue personnel, carrying equipment material, disposal of such procedures for inspection,  Emphasis was placed on the transformation of combat readiness levels, and on the standardization of personnel formation, quick mobilization and formation entry.  To meet the needs of snow and ice disaster rescue, shovels, snowmelt agents, loaders and personal cold protection equipment are provided. Meanwhile, vehicle inspection and equipment maintenance are strengthened to ensure that vehicles and equipment are always in a safe, reliable, complete and easy to use state, which effectively temper the combat readiness awareness and emergency response ability of commanders and combatants.


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Post time: Nov-29-2021