Shanxi yushe mountain fire rescue, in eighth day finally put out, nearly 7,000 people to participate in the rescue operation

Shanxi provincial department of emergency management released the news on the morning of 24th, at present, the “3.17″ forest fire in yushe all the open fire extinguished, has entered the stage of clearing and guarding the fire site.

At about 11:30 am on March 17, a fire broke out in jiaohongsi village, west of she town, yushe county, jinzhong city, Shanxi Province.The point of fire is located in the mountainous area at the junction of yushe, heshun, taigu and yuci, with complicated terrain, steep gully and steep slope, scattered cliffs, dense qiao irrigation, uncertain wind direction and great difficulty in fighting.


Gansu forest fire brigade took the routine operation of extinguishing fire and set up the water pump to extinguish the fire, the effect was obvious

In accordance with the national forest fire brigade, local forest fire professional teams fighting open fires, armed police forces, militia emergency detachment to clean up the residual fire, local cadres and the masses guard the fire site in echelon deployment, division-fighting, scientific fire fighting.The fire rescue team shall ensure the water used for fire fighting and implement sprinkler isolation.

At present, yushe “3.17″ forest fire site all the open fire extinguish, has entered the cleaning and guarding fire stage.

Post time: Apr-05-2020