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- Submitted photo Manson Fire Department is now equipped with this TurboDraft portable fire pump.The Iowa Department of Natural Resources pays half of the cost through a volunteer fire aid grant.Manson is one of six district fire departments to receive such grants.
Six regional fire departments will be better equipped to handle on-site fires thanks to a volunteer fire aid grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
More than $289,000 in 50% cost-sharing grants were recently awarded to 115 rural fire departments in Iowa.Grants will be used to aid their efforts to protect Iowa and its properties from wildfires.
According to the DNR, the grants provide valuable financial assistance for wildfire suppression, personal protective equipment and communications equipment.
The Dayton Fire Department received $3,500.The department is allocating funds to new Iowa Interoperable Communications System radios.
“This is the new radio system the county is going to use,” said Fire Chief Luke Haizinger.”These new radios will improve our fire ground communications. It is imperative to communicate with all firefighters on the scene.”
“These grants provide equipment to sectors that may not be able to afford the equipment they need,” Hanzinger said.
Fire Chief Todd Bingham said the Duncombe Fire Department used the $3,500 grant to help equip its new equipment.
“We recently ordered a new piece of equipment,” Bingham said.”This grant will help equip the facility with some equipment and some radios.”
The Lehigh Fire Department was awarded $3,500.The money will be used to buy new radios, according to Fire Chief Aaron Morris.
“It’s helping us in the field,” Morris said.”We’ve had quite a few bushfires. This will help us communicate with other departments.”
Manson used his $1,645 grant to purchase a device to fetch water from remote locations.
“We bought TurboDraft,” said Manson Firefighter David Hoeppner.”It’s a diversion system for taking water from remote locations. You can hose it up and let the water flow through.”
“With this, we can pump out sources of water that we wouldn’t normally be able to pump out,” Hoeppner said.“It allows us to fuel fire trucks up to 700 gallons per minute around Twin Lakes. Typically, when we’re shuttling the water, we can only do about 500 gallons per minute.”
“You open the foam and it mixes with the water that comes out to help put out the fire better,” Foyt said.
“All of this equipment is required,” Voith said.”If there’s a few times we’ve broken down more pagers than we have in stock, we’ll fix them. The pagers keep our members ready to take calls. Other equipment is available to mitigate wildfires as quickly as possible. We only have so much budget to work with. funding, so aid can help us get things we might not otherwise be able to afford.”
“We use it to buy portable radios,” Ostrom said.”Having switched to a digital system, the radios are more expensive. Everyone is looking for grants. With those matching funds, we can buy two. Seven thousand dollars will buy us two radios.”
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Post time: May-23-2022