Ultra long distance water supply forestry fire pump

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The whole equipment is composed of high quality engine, high pressure plunger pump, spray gun, control mechanism, frame, intake pipe and so on.

The engine adopts double cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke gasoline engine, high horsepower, easy to start (gasoline as fuel), stable and reliable performance.

In the effective lift, there is no need for series parallel and other equipment to assist, only need to lay fire hose, directly participate in fire fighting operations.

Equipped with noise reduction processing kit to reduce engine running noise.

Equipped with caster and rack handle, push and pull, easy to move.

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Mobile mountain water diversion fire pump3

Mobile mountain water diversion fire pump4

Model 250 type
Power ≥ 35HP
Displacement ≥ 993 cc
Maximum flow ≥ 250 L/min
Maximum lift ≥ 800 m
Water transport distance ≥ 10,000 m
Extreme range ≥ 45 m
Max. Suction depth ≥ 7 m
Inlet diameter 50 mm
Outlet diameter 40 mm
Weight ≤ 135 kgs
Starting mode Electrical start-up
Ignition mode Electronic pulse ignition
Mobile mountain water diversion fire pump
Mobile mountain water diversion fire pump1
Mobile mountain water diversion fire pump2

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