Forestry Fire Fighting Knapsack Toolkit

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Connecting rod: Two links, adjustable length, can be used in any combination.

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Commodity Forestry fire fighting toolkit Connecting rod 2pcs, adjustable length
Pack material Polyester coating Handle material Wooden and iron
Color Army green Rod length 120cm
Weight 6 kg Size 640mm x 350mm
Packing list Hacking knife, saw, felling-axe, fire shovel, fire swatter, rake, Two rods, workbag
Product Function Forestry fire prevention team field fighting isolation belt, open up fire prevention channels, mountain fire fighting
Forestry fire fighting knapsack toolkit
Forestry fire fighting knapsack toolkit 1
Forestry fire fighting knapsack toolkit 2

(1) multi-function folding shovel: the total length is 600mm, and the effective area of the shovel surface is 160*210mm, which can be folded three times for carrying;
(2) axe: 0.7-0.9kg in total weight, 110mm in blade width, 360mm in length,heat treatment;
(3) knife: high-quality forging of no.65 steel, heat treatment, the total length is 550mm, the blade length is 250mm, the width is 60mm, the connection length between the knife and the composite rod is 150cm;
(4) multi-function rake: made of more than 10 spring steel wire, with a hook side to remove weeds, according to the length of the weeds can be adjusted spacing, with no hook side for temporary fire, and the combination of pipe spring connection;
(5) Fire Swatter: 1.8mm wide, more than 20 pieces of flame-retardant rubber;
(6) hand saw: the length of hand saw is 520mm, the width is 50mm, double-sided edged, high-quality materials, precise tooth opening;
(7) combination bar: it is made of two seamless steel tubes of 25*500*1.8mm, which are made through strict process requirements. It adopts new spring connection method, and can be quickly connected with rake, swatter and knife;
(8) combination kit: polyester coated fabric with better water resistance;high quality camouflage Oxford cloth, and with hard rubber pad, comfortable, convenient.

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