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Powder coated red and made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the Wildfire drip torch is designed to withstand the rough treatment that drip torches often endure. The safety loop is well away from the flame so there is no danger of the fuel in the loop (liquid seal) vaporizing from heat. The screw type vent valve introduces air to the bottom of the tank to relieve the vacuum created as fuel is being used. The wick is made of inserted fiberglass. The “hand lifting” handle gives good balance in any position. 

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Drip Torch5 Igniter type I

Product specifications: 120 x 200 mmNet weight: 0.7kg

Oil capacity: 1.5 L

It consists of an iron barrel and an oil conduit control valve. It is simple in structure, small in size and convenient to carry.

Ignition speed: 4-8 km/h

 Drip Torch6 Igniter type II

It consists of an iron oil barrel, an oil conduit, oil valve and an ignition head. For convenience in carrying, the ignition head can be reversely loaded into the oil barrel; the maximum oil capacity of the oil barrel is 3 L; the ignition environment: under five level breeze; the outline dimension: 205 x 140 x 540 (mm).

Drip Torch
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